Marillion (weekend day 2)

Port Zelande, NL


The Wishing Tree:

  1. Seventh sign
  2. Easy
  3. Fly
  4. Hollow hills
  5. Ostara


Saturday – Tumbling down the years

  1. This train is my life
  2. Somewhere else
  3. Real tears for sale
  4. State of mind
  5. The damage
  6. Genie
  7. Drilling holes
  8. When I meet God
  9. Map of the world
  10. A legacy
  11. Cathedral wall
  12. Estonia
  13. An accidental man
  14. Out of this world
  15. Alone again in the lap of luxury
  16. Hard as love
  17. No one can
  18. The party
  19. Cover my eyes (pain + heaven)
  20. Slainte mhath

*Awesome gig, when all is said and done I think this will stand out as one of the best the band has ever done. When I meet god was aweinspiring, State of mind was beautiful and Out of this world simply stunning. The last three songs performed in a row almost caused the tent to explode! Great one!


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