Judas Priest, Megadeth, Testament

Malmö, SWE

Malmö Arena

Testament :

  1. Intro / Over the wall
  2. The new order
  3. Souls of black
  4. Into the pit
  5. More than meets the eye
  6. D.N.R.
  7. 3 days in darkness
  8. Practice what you preach
  9. The formation of damnation


Megadeth :

  1. Intro / Sleepwalker
  2. Wake the dead
  3. Take no prisoners
  4. A tout le monde
  5. Skin o’ my teeth
  6. She-wolf
  7. In my darkest hour
  8. Symphony of destruction
  9. Sweating bullets
  10. Hangar 18
  11. Peace sells
  12. Holy wars (The punishment due)
  13. Outro: Silent scorn


Judas Priest:

  1. Dawn of creation
  2. Prophecy
  3. Metal gods
  4. Eat me alive
  5. Between the hammer and the anvil
  6. Devil’s child
  7. Breaking the law
  8. Hell patrol
  9. Death
  10. Dissident aggressor
  11. Angel
  12. Hellion / Electric eye
  13. Rock hard ride free
  14. Sinner
  15. Painkiller
  16. Hell bent for leather
  17. The green manalishi
  18. You’ve got another thing comin’

*Testament were great, the evening’s treat. Megadeth were ok, a little tired. Priest were ok, Halford’s voice is totally shot but they pulled out some gems like Dissident agressor, Sinner and Devil´s child which was nice.



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