Bon Jovi

Auning, DK (Randers)


  1. Lost highway
  2. Born to be my baby
  3. You give love a bad name
  4. Captain Crash & the beauty queen from mars
  5. Runaway
  6. I’ll sleep when I´m dead (incl. Jumpin’ Jack flash / Start me up / Back in the USSR)
  7. Blaze of glory
  8. Whole lot of leavin’
  9. This ain’t a love song
  10. In these arms
  11. We got it goin’ on
  12. It’s my life
  13. Keep the faith
  14. I’ll be there for you (Richie vocals)
  15. Undivided
  16. Have a nice day
  17. Who says you can’t go home
  18. Living on a prayer
  19. Always
  20. Blood on blood
  21. Fever
  22. Wanted dead or alive
  23. Bad medicine (incl. Shout)

*This was a GREAT gig, so much better than the 2001-gig. Runaway and Blood on blood were great to hear live, and the overall feeling was very nice. Someone opened the gig, a girl called Michelle something. I think.

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