Köpenhamn, DK

Falconer Salen

  1. Nobody’s diary
  2. Bad connection
  3. Mr. Blue
  4. Good times
  5. Tuesday
  6. Ode to boy
  7. Goodbye 70’s (with restart)
  8. Too pieces
  9. In my room
  10. I before E except after C
  11. Anyone
  12. State farm (with restart)
  13. Sweet thing
  14. Winter kills
  15. Midnight
  16. Unmarked
  17. Bring your love down (didn’t I)
  18. Situation
  19. Don’t go
  20. Only you

*I got a ticket in the last minute, and man-o-man was I lucky! This was Yazoo’s first gig in 24 years, their first outside the UK and I loved each and every minute of it!!! Fantastic!


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