Magnus Uggla

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli

  1. Åh vilken härlig dag
  2. Nu har pappa laddat bössan
  3. Ja just du ska va glad
  4. Värsta grymma tjejen
  5. Trubaduren
  6. Tvättbräda
  7. Tjena alena
  8. Du & jag mot hela världen
  9. Min igen (acoustic)
  10. Jag skiter (acoustic)
  11. Trendit, trendit (acoustic)
  12. Dansar aldrig nykter (acoustic)
  13. För kung och fosterland (acoustic-> electric)
  14. Centrumhets
  15. Raggarna
  16. Vild & skild
  17. IQ
  18. Hallå
  19. Efterfest
  20. Hotta brudar
  21. Varning på stan
  22. Kung för en dag
  23. Pärlor åt svin
  24. Vittring

*Fantastic gig and setlist. Raggarna was added at the last minute, the printed setlist has a pencil-addition which mentions it. The acoustic songs were requests from the audience and changed each night on the tour, except for the last one. I taped the show but lost the whole first part up to Efterfest when the battery died. I have NEVER been so sad about losing a recording before or since. (The gold-smudge on the setlist is actually an autograph, I met Magnus afterwards.)

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