Helsinki, FIN

Olympic Stadium

  1. Behind the lines (instrumental part)
  2. Duke’s end
  3. Turn it on again
  4. No son of mine
  5. Land of confusion
  6. In the cage
  7. The cinema show (instrumental part) / Duke’s travels
  8. Afterglow
  9. Hold on my heart
  10. Home by the sea
  11. Second home by the sea
  12. Follow you, follow me
  13. Firth of fifth (instrumental part)
  14. I know what I like (in your wardrobe)
  15. Mama
  16. Ripples
  17. Throwing it all away
  18. Domino
  19. Drum duet / Los endos
  20. Tonight tonight tonight
  21. Invisible touch
  22. I can’t dance
  23. Carpet crawlers

*Another one of those gigs that live with me still. Not one bad note during the whole show, I was in heaven during the whole gig. This was the tourpremiere of the Turn It On Again-tour. Amazing stuff. I heard the soundcheck too which included parts of Behind the lines / I can´t dance and No son of mine. A tiny girl with a tiny guitar and slightly bigger pianoplayer opened for some reason. Noone cared. Literally! I would like to see the inside of the heads of the booking department. Hilarious, I actually felt a little sorry for her… Land of confusion from this gig was released on the Live Over Europe-album, and the whole gig was shot and partially included on the dvd from the tour.

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  1. Dan Swanö

    Såg dem på den här turnén i Düsseldorf. Vi skämtade utanför om att de skulle öppna med “Behind the Lines” – Man skulle lätt kunna ha parkerat en Volkswagenbuss i våra kollektivt öppnade munhålor där de smällde igång med den sen…Sjukt bra gig!!