Tony Martin, Destiny, M.ILL.ION

Växjö, SWE

Folkets Park


  1. Intro / Eyes of a king
  2. Prison of power
  3. I’m your blood
  4. Room no. 3
  5. Backdoor queen
  6. Judgment day
  7. Rock’n’roll nation
  8. Shadow of the cross
  9. Candyman


Tony Martin:

  1. Lawmaker
  2. Devil & daughter
  3. Eternal idol
  4. The hand that rocks the cradle
  5. Dying for love
  6. I witness
  7. Odin’s court
  8. Valhalla
  9. When death calls
  10. Children of the sea
  11. War pigs
  12. Raising hell
  13. Scream
  14. The shining
  15. Headless cross

*Absolutely stunning gig, I never thought I’d get to hear songs from Cross Purposes live!


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