Anthrax, Beyond Fear

Köpenhamn, DK


Beyond Fear :

  1. And…you will die
  2. Save me
  3. Words of wisdom
  4. My last words
  5. Your time has come
  6. The human race
  7. Burn in hell
  8. Red baron/Blue max
  9. One on one
  10. Coming at you
  11. Telling lies
  12. Scream machine



  1. Intro: Blues Brothers
  2. Among the living
  3. Metal thrashing mad
  4. Got the time
  5. Caught in a mosh
  6. A.I.R. (incl. Now it’s dark)
  7. A skeleton in the closet
  8. Antisocial
  9. Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
  10. Medusa
  11. Into the coven (Scott + Charlie jam)
  12. Indians
  13. Be all, end all
  14. I’m the man
  15. I am the law

*Anthrax were a bit disappointing, I had hoped for more songs or at least songs not played in 2005. Beyond Fear were beyond amazing! I met Tim before the gig and was invited to his bus afterwards. We spent a couple of hours just chatting away, he played me some BF-demos and also a clip of his son talking. Fun times indeed!

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