Ljungby, SWE


  1. (Do you know) what it takes
  2. Crash and burn girl
  3. Who’s that girl?
  4. Blow my mind
  5. Handle me / drum interlude
  6. Medley: Buffalo stance / You really got me / Push it / Got to get
  7. Konichiwa bitches
  8. Robot boy
  9. Oh baby
  10. Bum like you
  11. Don’t stop the music
  12. Keep this fire burning
  13. Be mine!
  14. Should have known
  15. Jack U off

*Robyn was great, as always. This place however, Garvaren, in a shitty little hick-town called Ljungby, was not.  I was FURIOUS after the gig since they pushed Robyn’s entrée back for a couple of hours to get the youngsters to drink even more. When Robyn finally started the place was a piss poor mess of drunken idiots, and then a VERY select few in the front who were there for the music. The drunkards started throwing things at Robyn and she cut the set with two songs just to get out of there, but she made a point of thanking all of us in the front who were there for her. The day after I got a full page with picture in local newspaper Smålandsposten, where I defamed the arrangement, promoters and venue. The promoter actually wrote me back, saying that this was a normal concert and asked whether I had seen any concerts before. I hope that guy sees this list and reads this too – YOUR SHIT-PLACE IN YOUR SHIT-TOWN ARE NOT NORMAL, YOU INBRED SAD BASTARDS. I have never returned to Ljungby, and I have made a solemn promise to erase the town and replace it with a huge parking lot when I get the chance.


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