Jon Anderson

Malmö, SWE


  1. Harmony
  2. Long distance runaround
  3. Father sky
  4. Yours is no disgrace
  5. Richard
  6. You lift me up
  7. I’ll find my way home
  8. This is
  9. Set sail (incl. Close to the edge)
  10. Who could imagine
  11. The revealing science of god
  12. Show me
  13. Ritual (Nous sommes de soleil)
  14. Owner of a lonely heart
  15. Wonderous stories
  16. White buffalo
  17. State of independence
  18. Change we must
  19. And you and I
  20. Soon
  21. Your move
  22. O’er

*Venue was changed from Konserthuset to the smaller Palladium on the day of the show. I met Jon outside Palladium after his soundcheck, he invited me to walk with him to his hotel. We strolled through Malmö and talked about nothing, and suddenly he looked mischievous. He told me that outside his hotel there were some real Yes-afficionados, and asked me if I would participate in a little prank. You could have knocked me over with the weather, and I of course agreed. When we came to the hotel he presented med to all those guys as his longtime Swedish friend. I must have looked like an ass, I had no idea what he was up to. Then after a couple of minutes of chatting he smiled, winked and left. The guys around the table eyed me a little, and started asking if I had known Jon for a long time.. I coughed out something and excused myself, I really had no idea what to say. Darn those pesky prog-singers….

After the show I stood in line to get my album signed by Jon, and he waved me in front, asked if everything was ok (again with that smile) and seemed genuinely interested in what I thought of the show. Truly a very nice man, great show and amazing day altogether!


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