Trettioåriga Kriget

Stockholm, SWE


  1. Lång historia
  2. Elden av år
  3. Mina löjen
  4. Om kriget kommer
  5. Metamorfoser
  6. Andra sidan
  7. Ljuset
  8. Hej på er!
  9. Fjärilsattityder
  10. Moln på marken
  11. Krigssång
  12. Gnistor
  13. En kväll hos X
  14. Act of war (bass solo)
  15. Ur djupen
  16. Dagspress
  17. Kaledoniska orogenesen

*Gig was filmed but deemed to expensive to release for the band. Sad, since it’s the only time Elden Av År has been played live (to my knowledge). Also, the band were sued for playing too loud, something which took 4 years in court to resolve.


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