Bo Sundström

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli

  1. Så byggde vi en maskin
  2. Spencer Tracy
  3. En lyckad dag
  4. Fanns inte du
  5. Blick
  6. Slå dig med häpnad
  7. Love hurts
  8. Att göra något gott
  9. Danmark
  10. Man kan undra hur dom sover
  11. Har någon sagt att du är underbar
  12. Somna om
  13. Here comes the sun
  14. We’ll meet again

*Solo-gig by Bo Sundström from Bo Kaspers Orkester, he did his full soloalbum, some covers and an impromptu We’ll meet again to end the show. Very good show, as was the album. Someone asked for a BKO-song, and he laughingly answered “they would kill me if I did that”.

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