Judas Priest, In Flames

Köpenhamn, DK


In Flames:

  1. The quiet place
  2. System
  3. Pinball map
  4. Dial 595-Escape
  5. Episode 666
  6. Embody the invisible
  7. Cloud connected
  8. Trigger
  9. Only for the weak
  10. Clayman
  11. Touch of red
  12. My sweet shadow


Judas Priest:

  1. The Hellion / Electric eye
  2. Metal gods
  3. Riding on the wind
  4. Ripper
  5. A touch of evil
  6. Judas rising
  7. Revolution
  8. Hot rockin’
  9. Breaking the law
  10. I’m a rocker
  11. Diamonds and rust
  12. Deal with the devil
  13. Hellrider
  14. Beyond the realms of death
  15. Exciter
  16. Victim of changes
  17. The green manalishi
  18. Painkiller
  19. Hell bent for leather
  20. Living after midnight
  21. You’ve got another thing comin’

*Tour premiere, very cool setlist by Priest. Halford’s voice is far from it’s glory days though.


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