Jon Lord & The Gemini Orchestra

Hamburg, GER

Musikhalle (Grosser Saal)

Set 1:

  1. Sunrise / Pictured within
  2. Sarabande
  3. De Profundis
  4. One from the meadow
  5. Pavana
  6. Gigue


Set 2:

  1. A smile when i shook his hand / Here comes the sun
  2. Cologne again
  3. I’ll send you a postcard
  4. Unsquare dance
  5. November calls
  6. The Telemann experience
  7. Fog on the highway
  8. Bouree
  9. Brahm’s lullabye (short excerpt)

*Wonderful evening. Some concerts stay with you for a long time and this one hasn’t left me yet. When all is said and done I believe this is one of the very finest concerts I’ve seen.

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