Whitesnake, Zan Clan

Linköping, SWE

Cloetta Center

Zan Clan:

  1. Dejá Vú
  2. Can’t get u out..
  3. Heart n’ soul
  4. So damn good
  5. High speed junkie
  6. Go go go
  7. Surrender 


Whitesnake :

  1. Burn (incl. Stormbringer)
  2. Bad boys
  3. Love ain’t no stranger
  4. Soldier of fortune (a capella)
  5. Ready an’ willing
  6. Is this love
  7. Give me all your love
  8. Judgment day / Doug Aldrich – guitar solo
  9. Cryin’ in the rain / Tommy Alridge – drum solo
  10. Ain’t no love in the heart of the city
  11. Don´t break my heart again
  12. Fool for your loving
  13. Here I go again
  14. Take me with you
  15. Still of the night

*I had real qualms about going to this gig. At first i wasn’t going at all, I left Whitesnake at Sweden Rock 2003 almost in tears due to Davids poor voice and the fact that it was a Metal-Whitesnake again (in 1997 it was the bluesrock-Whitesnake I saw which I love). In any case, I heard he did Burn/Stormbringer so I finally thought i’d give it a go, and as it turned out I’m glad I did. A pretty big venue, my guess is that it holds about 6000 people or a little more. It wasn’t even half full, which meant everyone on the floor were very close to the stage. An energetic perfomance and a pretty good night regarding Davids voice all things considered. Even the supportband were good, I’ve seen them a couple of times and I know the guitarist and they always sound good live. All in all I was surprised and left with a smile. That’s the way i like it.


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