Karlskrona, SWE


  1. Intro: Drive-by
  2. Helldorado
  3. Inside the electric circus
  4. Hate to love me
  5. L.O.V.E. machine
  6. Wild child
  7. Animal (fuck like a beast)
  8. Come back to black
  9. The headless children
  10. The idol
  11. Kill your pretty face
  12. The real me
  13. I wanna be somebody
  14. The raging storm
  15. Blind in Texas


*I would never have thought it but Blackie changed it all up from the spring tour. This and Malmoe in may are the two best WASPgigs I have seen. This one pulled out Hate to love me for the first time, Headless children for the first time since 1989, ANOTHER song from my fav KFD and then a great closing song in The raging storm. WASP in 2004 were awesome. Too bad it also ended there…



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