Dream Theater

Köpenhamn, DK


  1. As I am
  2. This dying soul
  3. Under a glass moon / Jordan Rudess – keyboard solo
  4. Through my words
  5. Fatal tragedy
  6. Beyond this life (incl. jam)
  7. Hollow years
  8. War inside my head
  9. The test that stumped them all
  10. Endless sacrifice
  11. Trail of tears
  12. The mirror
  13. Caught in a web / Mike Portnoy – drum solo
  14. Honor thy father
  15. Another day
  16. Goodnight kiss
  17. Solitary shell
  18. Stream of consciousness
  19. Finally free
  20. In the name of god
  21. Metropolis p. I – the Miracle & the Sleeper

*Longest set I’ve ever seen with DT, a truly magnificent evening.

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