Mike Tramp, Gaeleri

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli


  1. A brighter day
  2. Crying out
  3. Trapped in a maze
  4. I’ve heard it before (?)
  5. Blue town
  6. Sixty days
  7. Navigate me
  8. I still can tell a lie (?)


Mike Tramp:

  1. Fallin’ down
  2. Ain’t gonna rock
  3. Livin’ on the edge
  4. Wait not for me
  5. Mr. Death
  6. Candle
  7. Little fighter
  8. Live tomorrow
  9. Endless highway
  10. Darkness
  11. Broken heart
  12. Follow your dreams
  13. ’92 / What am I
  14. Wait
  15. Better off
  16. Livin’ a lie
  17. When the children cry
  18. Born to run

*The gig was good, no doubts about that, but Mike overstayed a bit. He should have cut some songs, and when he started doing Bruce SpringsteencoversĀ in the end I left. He may have played more songs, I have no idea. I was there for the Freak Of Nature-songs.

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