Sahara Hotnights, Randy

Linköping, SWE


  1. Quite a feeling
  2. Down and out
  3. Alright Alright (Here’s my fist, where´s the fight?)
  4. Impressed by me
  5. Push on some more
  6. Firealarm
  7. Only the fakes survive
  8. Kicks
  9. Fall into line
  10. Keep up the speed
  11. On top of your world
  12. With or without control
  13. No big deal
  14. Rock away beach

*Me and M were invited by the venue’s owners to the “backstage”-area (in lack of a better word), they were totally flabbergasted that we had driven from Helsingborg to Linköping just to see this gig. Great guys all around, and I presented my film of SH in Helsingborg to the girls prior to their show. I got a very homemade/handwritten setlist for the night’s gig with very alternative (and dirty) titles for the songs.


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