Fish, John Wesley

Köpenhamn, DK

Lille Vega

  1. 3D
  2. Lucky
  3. Credo
  4. Vigil
  5. The perception of Johnny Punter
  6. Tiki 4
  7. So Fellini
  8. Kayleigh
  9. Long cold day
  10. Medley: Jungle ride (instrumental) / Assassing / Fugazi (ending section) / White feather
  11. Market square heroes (incl. Black night / My generation)
  12. Lavender
  13. Bitter suite iii) Blue angel
  14. The company

*Also great! The original setlist mentions both Tumbledown and Long cold day, but we got LCD in Copenhagen and TD in Malmoe. So happy we got them both!

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