Bon Jovi, Melanie C, Sahlene

Stockholm, SWE


Melanie C:

  1. Go!
  2. Northern star
  3. Be the one
  4. When you’re gone
  5. Why
  6. If that were me
  7. Goin’ down
  8. Ga ga
  9. Suddenly monday
  10. I turn to you
  11. Never be the same again


Bon Jovi:

  1. Intro / One wild night
  2. You give love a bad name
  3. It’s my life
  4. Keep the faith
  5. Livin’on a prayer
  6. Born to be my baby
  7. In these arms
  8. Wild is the wind
  9. Captain Crash and the beauty queen from mars
  10. Just older
  11. I got the girl
  12. Lay your hands on me
  13. Sleep when I’m dead
  14. Bad medicine
  15. Shout
  16. Homebound  train
  17. Someday I’ll be saturday night
  18. Say it isn’t so
  19. Wanted (Dead or alive)
  20. Tequila
  21. Twist and shout

*Very weird support acts, I understand that people were almost offended. Me, I was only there to see Melanie C so I was happy! BJ were disappointed too, both with the support acts and the audience, and even said as much to the papers. They didn’t return to Sweden for 12 years. I wonder why.

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