Oslo, NOR


Acoustic set:

  1. Sugar mice
  2. Afraid of sunrise
  3. Alone again in the lap of luxury
  4. Cinderella search
  5. The spaceā€¦
  6. 80 days
  7. The answering machine
  8. Cannibal surf babe


Electric set:

  1. Mad
  2. Go!
  3. Rich
  4. The uninvited guest
  5. Clockwork + quartz
  6. The party
  7. Easter
  8. The great escape
  9. Cathedral wall
  10. I saw her standing there (jam, 1 verse)
  11. Garden party
  12. King
  13. Kayleigh
  14. Lavender
  15. Bitter suite iii) Blue angel
  16. Slainte mhath

*My first time seeing Marillion and what a gig it was! Very cool setlist, very loose performance by the band and I was in heaven. The pic below is one of the few I have from the gig, I saw a videocam on a tripod on the balcony but the gig has yet to surface amongst collectors. The day it does I will sellotape myself to the dvd-player and not stop watching until the disc melts.

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