Oslo, NOR


Acoustic set:

  1. Sugar mice
  2. Afraid of sunrise
  3. Alone again in the lap of luxury
  4. Cinderella search
  5. The space…
  6. 80 days
  7. The answering machine
  8. Cannibal surf babe


Electric set:

  1. Mad
  2. Go!
  3. Rich
  4. The uninvited guest
  5. Clockwork + quartz
  6. The party
  7. Easter
  8. The great escape
  9. Cathedral wall
  10. I saw her standing there (jam, 1 verse)
  11. Garden party
  12. King
  13. Kayleigh
  14. Lavender
  15. Bitter suite iii) Blue angel
  16. Slainte mhath

*My first time seeing Marillion and what a gig it was! Very cool setlist, very loose performance by the band and I was in heaven. The pic below is one of the few I have from the gig, I saw a videocam on a tripod on the balcony but the gig has yet to surface amongst collectors. The day it does I will sellotape myself to the dvd-player and not stop watching until the disc melts.

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