Halford, Overkill

Malmö, SWE



  1. Battle
  2. Hello from the gutter
  3. Bleed me
  4. Bastard nation
  5. Necroshine
  6. Thunderhead
  7. Rotten to the core
  8. Elimination
  9. In union we stand
  10. Long time dyin’
  11. Fuck you

*setlist from Stockholm 001110



  1. Resurrection
  2. Made in hell
  3. Locked and loaded
  4. Into the pit
  5. Nailed to the gun
  6. Stained class
  7. Jawbreaker
  8. Running wild
  9. Saviour
  10. Silent screams
  11. Cyberworld
  12. Night fall
  13. Eledtric eye
  14. Riding on the wind
  15. Genocide
  16. Metal gods
  17. Breaking the law
  18. Tyrant

*Halford was even better here than in Essen, adding a couple of songs and loving the gig and crowd!

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