Deep Purple with the Romanian Symphony Orchestra

Göteborg, SWE


  1. Pictured within (Miller Anderson vocals)
  2. Sitting in a dream (Dio vocals)
  3. Love is all (Dio vocals)
  4. Fever dreams (Dio vocals)
  5. Rainbow in the dark (Dio vocals)
  6. Wring that neck
  7. Fools
  8. When a blind man cries
  9. Vavoom: Ted the mechanic
  10. The well stressed guitar
  11. Pictures of home
  12. Sometimes I feel like screaming
  13. Concerto for group and orchestra (3 movements)
  14. Perfect strangers
  15. Smoke on the water

*One of those nights that will live with me forever. Dio was fabulous, the setlist was fabulous, the crowd were fucking morons who didn’t appreciate it one bit. Especially the idiots close to me. Ah well, they were old and I hope to god they’re gone by now.


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