Yngwie Malmsteen

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli

  1. Rising force
  2. Queen in love
  3. As above, so below
  4. Bedroom eyes / Yngwie – guitar solo
  5. Far beyond the sun
  6. Red house
  7. Dreaming (Tell me)
  8. Riot in the dungeons
  9. Blitzkrieg
  10. Jumping Jack flash
  11. The seventh sign
  12. Du gamla du fria
  13. I am a viking
  14. You don’t remember (I’ll never forget)
  15. Never die / Yngwie – solo 2
  16. Black star
  17. Burn
  18. I’ll see the light tonight

*One of the best gigs I’ve seen at The Tivoli, and the best Yngwie-gig by far! Absolutely smashing setlist and cool to see him on that teeny-weeny stage 🙂


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