Iron Maiden, Slayer, Entombed

Stockholm, SWE



  1. Mandatory suicide
  2. War ensemble
  3. Bitter piece
  4. State of mind
  5. Here comes the pain
  6. Dead skin mask
  7. Raining blood
  8. Hell awaits
  9. South of heaven
  10. Angel of death


Iron Maiden:

  1. The wickerman
  2. Ghost of the navigator
  3. Brave new world
  4. Wrathchild
  5. 2 minutes to midnight
  6. Blood brothers
  7. Sign of the cross
  8. The mercenary
  9. The trooper
  10. Dream of mirrors
  11. The clansman
  12. The evil that men do
  13. Fear of the dark
  14. Iron maiden
  15. The number of the beast
  16. Hallowed be thy name
  17. Sanctuary

*Maiden actually lost their feeling here, the show did not work at all in daylight. I really dislike the outdoorshows in Sweden in june since it’s always bright until about 23:00. They had a different lightrig than in Oslo though, that was pretty cool.

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