Spock’s Beard:

  1. Day for night
  2. Gibberish
  3. The doorway
  4. June
  5. The light


Dream Theater:

  1. Regression
  2. Overture 1928
  3. Strange déjà vu
  4. Through my words
  5. Fatal tragedy
  6. Beyond this life
  7. Through her eyes
  8. Home
  9. The dance of eternity / Jordan Rudess – keyboard solo
  10. Instrumental (guitar malfunctioned) / Mike Portnoy – drum solo
  11. The dance of eternity (cont.)
  12. One last time
  13. The spirit carries on
  14. Finally free
  15. Medley: Pull me under / Under a glass moon / A fortune in lies / Only a matter of time / Take the time

*Dream Theaters gig was marred by technical difficulties, which lead to an impromptu drum solo and a spontaneous instrumental thingy. Pretty cool, they never lost the momentum even though the machines were against them. Fantastic medley as an encore too. Spock had a stand-in bass player by the name of George Papadoupolous. This is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and my heart was broken to learn he died just a few years later. I still remember how he tried to get us in, with no luck, and how he smiled big at me when he saw me during the gig and knew I got in anyway. Rest in peace dear George.


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