Queensrÿche, The Tea Party

Hamburg, GER


The Tea Party:

  1. Army ants
  2. Fire in the head
  3. Psychopomp
  4. Halcyon days
  5. Underground
  6. Save me (Insert: Hallelujah)
  7. Temptation
  8. Winter solstice
  9. Sister awake (Insert: Heroes)



  1. Intro / Revolution calling
  2. Speak
  3. Falling down
  4. Damaged
  5. Empire
  6. Liquid sky
  7. Spreading the disease (incl. Electric requiem)
  8. The right side of my mind
  9. When the rain comes
  10. Breaking the silence
  11. I don’t believe in love
  12. Jet city woman
  13. Sacred ground
  14. Breakdown
  15. Walk in the shadows
  16. Silent lucidity
  17. The needle lies
  18. Eyes of a stranger
  19. Burning man


*Very cool gig, it was my second time seeing QR and the setlist was really strange. They did too many songs from the latest album (nobody wants to hear Burning man again I think) but on the other hand we got Walk in the shadows (YEEHAA!). Too bad they totally missed out on the EP, first album and HITNF. Still, a cool gig and I met the full band afterwards (we were three people mith M&G-passes) when i got a nice pic of me with the band.


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