Iron Maiden (and Megadeth)

Hamburg, GER


*Wound up on another meet & greet with Megadeth here, Dave flinched when he saw us and asked “didn’t we meet before?”. I told him yes, and that we would be going to more shows. He called for his assistant and gave us free tickets for Gothenburg. All in all – what a great fakkin’ guy! We missed Megadeths gig though since we got to attend Maidens meet & greet too.

Iron Maiden:

  1. Intro: Transylvania /¬†Churchill’s speech
  2. Aces high
  3. Wrathchild
  4. The trooper
  5. 2 minutes to midnight
  6. The clansman
  7. Wasted years
  8. Killers
  9. Futureal
  10. Man on the edge
  11. Powerslave
  12. Phantom of the opera
  13. The evil that men do
  14. Fear of the dark
  15. Iron maiden
  16. Number of the beast
  17. Hallowed be thy name
  18. Run to the hills

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