Robyn, Christian Walz

Båstad, SWE


  1. Electric
  2. My truth
  3. You’ve got that something
  4. Long gone
  5. Do you know what it takes
  6. Not on the inside
  7. Monday morning
  8. 88 days
  9. Dig it
  10. Healthy love
  11. Show me love
  12. Play
  13. Main thing
  14. Do you really want me

*Nice headlining gig. They played at the Tennis Centercourt, way too big for Robyn at this point since there were only a couple of hundred people there, but the gig was awesome and she added a bunch of songs to the set that she didn’t play in Varberg when she was the opening act. Electric is a great song, I wish she would play it again at some point.

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