Spice Girls, Cleopatra, Bjorn Again

London, UK

Wembley Stadium

  1. If you can’t dance
  2. Who do you think you are
  3. Something kinda funny
  4. Do it
  5. Too much
  6. Stop
  7. Where did our love go (Emma solo)
  8. Love thing
  9. Instrumental interlude
  10. The lady is a vamp
  11. Say you’ll be there
  12. Naked
  13. 2 become 1
  14. Sisters (Mel B + Mel C)
  15. Wannabe
  16. Spice up your life
  17. Mama
  18. Viva forever
  19. Never give up on the good times
  20. We are family


*Gig was aired live on TV and subsequently released on video/dvd (heavily overdubbed). The place was buzzing with rumours about special guests at this the last gig of the world tour, would Geri come back, is Prince gonna make an appearance? In the end nothing out of the ordinary happened. A little sad I think, they could have at least had a fireworksdisplay or something… Still, a pretty cool show and I had a great seat right opposed the front of the stage.


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