Black Sabbath, Hellacopters

Oslo, NOR



  1. You are nothin’
  2. Fake baby
  3. Born broke
  4. Riot on the rocks
  5. Hey!
  6. My Mephistophelean creed
  7. (Gotta get some action) Now!
  8. Soulseller
  9. Another place

Black Sabbath:

  1. War pigs
  2. N.I.B.
  3. Fairies wear boots
  4. Snowblind
  5. Into the void
  6. Spiral architecht
  7. Lord of this world
  8. Electric funeral
  9. Black sabbath
  10. Iron man
  11. Embryo / Children of the grave
  12. Paranoid

*Show was rescheduled from June 17th. Hellacopters played, as I recall, one of their first gigs without Dregen. Sabbath were good although Bill Ward was replaced by Vinny Appice on the tour due to heartfailure. The setlist is a fucking MONSTER, I mean Void-Spiral-Lord-Funeral in a row? And all the OTHER songs too? Simply stunning!

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