Judas Priest, Gorefest

Köpenhamn, DK


  1. Hellion / Electric eye
  2. Metal gods
  3. Grinder
  4. Blood stained
  5. The sentinel
  6. A touch of evil
  7. Burn in hell
  8. The ripper
  9. Bullet train
  10. Beyond the realms of death
  11. Death row
  12. Night crawler
  13. Victim of changes
  14. Breaking the law
  15. The green manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)
  16. Painkiller
  17. You’ve got another thing comin’
  18. Hell bent for leather
  19. Living after midnight

*For some reason this was the only Jugulatorshow in Scandinavia, too bad since the album is KILLER and the show was absolutely AMAZING! Interesting note: someone threw a beer at Glenn Tipton, he looked up at where we were standing thinking it must have come from there. My friend waved and smiled at him. I guess he still thinks my friend threw the beer to this day.


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  1. Martin

    Great gig!!!! Ripper was great in Judas Priest!! But hell of a band weather in Copenhagen.