Dee Snider’s SMF, Tenebre

Malmö, SWE


  1. What you don’t know (sure can hurt you)
  2. The kids are back
  3. Stay hungry
  4. Destroyer
  5. I am, I’m me
  6. You can’t stop rock & roll
  7. Come out & play
  8. Leader of the pack
  9. I believe in rock & roll
  10. Be chrool to your scuel
  11. We’re gonna make it
  12. We’re not gonna take it
  13. Wake up the sleeping giant
  14. Shoot ’em down
  15. Burn in hell
  16. Under the blade
  17. I wanna rock
  18. It’s only rock & roll (but I like it)
  19. The price
  20. S.M.F.

*I went to this gig thinking of it as a kind of joke, but I was totally knocked off my feet. This band sounded so much better than Twisted Sister ever did, the gig and feeling was great!

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