UFO, Danger Danger

Köpenhamn, DK


Danger Danger:

  1. Still kickin’
  2. Monkey business
  3. Sick little twisted mind
  4. Bang bang
  5. I still think about you
  6. Goin’ all the way
  7. Goin’ goin’ gone
  8. Helicopter
  9. Naughty naughty


  1. Natural thing
  2. Mother mary
  3. A self made man
  4. Electric phase
  5. This kid’s
  6. Out in the street
  7. One more for the rodeo
  8. Venus
  9. Pushed to the limit
  10. Love to love
  11. Too hot to handle
  12. Only you can rock me
  13. Lights out
  14. Doctor, doctor
  15. Rock bottom
  16. Shoot shoot

*Absolutely fantastic gig, both the opener and headliner. One for the historybooks!


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  1. Martin

    Jag såg UFO i göteborg på samma turné, helt jävla fantastiskt bra!!!!!