Fish, Picture House

Malmö, SWE


  1. The perception of Johnny Punter
  2. What colour is god?
  3. Family business
  4. Goldfish & clowns
  5. Mr. 1470
  6. Jungle ride
  7. Medley: Assassing / Credo / Tongues / Assassing / Fugazi / White feather
  8. Cliché
  9. Brother 52
  10. Lucky
  11. Internal exile / The company
  12. A gentleman’s excuse me
  13. Lavender

*I was leaning on the stage during this gig, and when Fish came to the spoken part in “Johnny Punter” he looked me right in the eyes during the lines “hoping, that when they do come…”. I almost shat my pants.

Very silly and hilarious original setlist.

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