Glenn Hughes, Mandrake Root

Malmö, SWE


  1. Way back to the bone
  2. Touch my life
  3. Push
  4. First step of love
  5. Talk about it
  6. Coast to coast
  7. Cover me
  8. Gettin’ tighter
  9. I don’t want to live that way
  10. You keep on moving
  11. Addiction
  12. You fool no one

*Burn was last on the setlist but wasn’t played, probably due to extremely poor attendance. I saw someone filming the gig, there was a party at the bar with a group of people who couldn’t care less about Glenn. One of them, a drunkard if I ever saw one, actually went right up to the stage with his camera and filmed a song or two. I wonder where that tape is today.

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