Sex Pistols, Sepultura

Stockholm, SWE

Sjöhistoriska Muséet


  1. Intro
  2. Roots bloody roots
  3. Spit
  4. Territory
  5. Breed apart
  6. Attitude
  7. Dusted
  8. Desperate
  9. Escape to the void
  10. We who are not as others
  11. Straight hate
  12. Arise / Dead embryonic cells
  13. Slave new world
  14. Refuse-resist
  15. Ratamahatta


Sex Pistols:

  1. Bodies
  2. Seventeen
  3. New York
  4. No feelings
  5. Did you no wrong
  6. God save the queen
  7. Liar
  8. Satellite
  9. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
  10. Holidays in the sun
  11. Submission
  12. Pretty vacant
  13. E.M.I.
  14. Anarchy in the U.K.
  15. Problems
  16. Roadrunner
  17. No fun

*Note to the guards and builders at this gig: There are many people taller than 1.80 which was the height of the fence. I stood outside and had the best view in the place 🙂 Cheapest concert I ever attended!

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