Ozzy Osbourne, Fear Factory

Göteborg, SWE


Fear Factory:

  1. Pisschrist
  2. Zero signal
  3. Self bias resistor
  4. Scum grief
  5. Dog day sunrise
  6. Scapegoat
  7. Martyr
  8. Replica

Ozzy Osbourne:

  1. Paranoid
  2. I don’t know
  3. Flying high again
  4. Goodbye to romance
  5. No more tears
  6. I don’t wanna change the world
  7. Suicide solution
  8. Iron man
  9. Sweet leaf
  10. Children of the grave
  11. Mr. Crowley
  12. War pigs
  13. Crazy train
  14. Bark at the moon

*My first time seeing Ozzy, that was cool, but the gig was a lackluster affair. The venue was barely halffull and this seemed to have an effect on Ozzy since he didn’t seem to into it. The wellpacked Valbyhallen 3 days later were treated to three additional songs aswell as a fiery Ozzy. Still, for a first time I was in awe, the setlist was ok (but where were the Ozzmosis-tracks??), it was cool to see Geezer on bass with Ozzy and I met Randy Castillo (R.I.P) and Joe Holmes at the hotel. Joe was a very nice guy and sat down and talked with me for about an hour. He remembered me when i met him in Copenhagen too and gave me a guitar pick!

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