Mercyful Fate

Köpenhamn, DK


  1. Intro / The oath
  2. Nightmare be thy name
  3. The bell witch
  4. Curse of the pharaos
  5. Black funeral
  6. A dangerous meeting
  7. The mad arab
  8. Is that you, Melissa?
  9. Doomed by the living dead
  10. Moby Dick
  11. Egypt
  12. My demon
  13. Satan’s fall
  14. Come to the sabbath
  15. Evil

*First headlining gig in Denmark since april 11th 1985. No opening act, just MF pounding out one of the best concerts I’ve seen. Very good setlist, Denner was GREAT at this gig and overall it was a joy to finally experience King Diamond live for the first time.

Lineup: King Diamond, Michael Denner, Sharlee D’Angelo, Hank Shermann, Bjarne T. Holm




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