Abstrakt Algebra:

  1. Stigmata
  2. Shadowplay
  3. Nameless
  4. Abstrakt algebra
  5. Vanishing man
  6. Bitter root (possibly, not confirmed)
  7. Crystal ball

*Setlist compiled with help from bandmembers Mats & Jejo along with personal memory.



  1. Pigvalley beach
  2. No place to land
  3. Out of the void
  4. Next to nothing
  5. It really doesn’t matter now
  6. Iggy was a farmer
  7. Jetslide
  8. I wanna go home
  9. Black ‘n’ white
  10. Freezer
  11. I’m gone
  12. A safetybelt for Suzie
  13. This is my life
  14. I’d rather drink than talk
  15. I don’t wanna talk about the weather anymore
  16. I’ll wait
  17. Ring ring
  18. New rose

*I recall next to nothing about the gig but spent the day after going home by train and met a couple of the guys from the band there.


Pat Travers:

  1. Party tonight
  2. Elijah
  3. The Riff
  4. Gettin’ betta
  5. Just enough money
  6. Heat in the street
  7. The pain
  8. I can’t quit you
  9. I will go home
  10. Fall to pieces
  11. Gonna drive that girl insane
  12. Boom boom / -guitar solo-
  13. Born under a bad sign

*I was sitting at a bench with my friends when I heard something from the stage. I was awestruck, easily one of the best gigs of the day.


Black Sabbath:

  1. Intro: Ave satani / The gates of hell
  2. Children of the grave
  3. Neon knights
  4. The shining
  5. The wizard
  6. War pigs
  7. Headless cross
  8. Rusty angels
  9. When death calls
  10. I won’t cry for you
  11. The mob rules
  12. Black sabbath
  13. Paranoid
  14. Iron man
  15. Sabbath bloody sabbath

*Black Sabbath’s second gig on the tour, a short gig but the only time I got to see Cozy Powell live. They were off the mark at times during the show but it was nice to hear The wizard and The shining. I won’t cry for you was only played at one or two more gigs. I stayed at the same hotel as the bands so I actually spent the afternoon with Black Sabbath, getting Tony to take a pic of me and Geoff, and then Geoff to take a pic of me and Tony. All the guys were great, I even sat down and chatted away with Cozy Powell for the duration of the afternoon. After the gig I arrived back at the hotel exactly when Tony Iommi walked in, I thanked him for the gig and the grabbed a guitarpick from his pocket and gave me – the pick he played the show with! He didn’t throw any picks to my knowledge, so this was a real gem!

*Missing setlists: Jukka Tolonen Band, Sky High, Rolf Wikström

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