Dream Theater, Fates Warning

Köpenhamn, DK


Fates Warning:

  1. Intro / Life in still water
  2. Outside looking in
  3. Down to the wire
  4. The eleventh hour
  5. Point of view
  6. Face the fear
  7. Eye to eye
  8. Monument

*Opening for Dream Theater. Setlist compiled from Utrecht 950215 and personal memory.

Dream Theater:

  1. Intro: Little green bag/Wake up! (intro tape)
  2. Pull me under
  3. 6:00
  4. Take the time
  5. Caught in a web (w/ drum solo)
  6. Lifting shadows off a dream
  7. John Petrucci: For Rena/Lost without you
  8. A crack in the mirror
  9. The mirror
  10. Lie
  11. Surrounded / Derek Sherinian – keyboard solo
  12. A mind beside itself:
    I Erotomania
    II Voices
    III The silent man
  13. Metropolis part I – the Miracle and the Sleeper
  14. Eve (outro tape)

*Perfect Strangers was on the setlist before Metropolis but wasn’t played. My first time seeing DT, I met the band outside the venue during the day and took a walk in Copenhagen together with Mike, John P and James. I also talked for quite some time with Derek since he was on guard for Fates Warning, they were late for some reason. All in all a happy day and great gig.

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