Status Quo, Vildsvin

Malmö, SWE


  1. Caroline
  2. Down down
  3. One man band
  4. Goin’ nowhere
  5. Soft in the head
  6. Medley: Mystery song – Railroad – Most of the time – Wild side of life – Rollin’ home – Again and again – Slow train
  7. Rude awakening time
  8. Don’t drive my car
  9. Rock ’til you drop
  10. Gerdundula
  11. Whatever you want
  12. In the army now
  13. Rockin’ all over the world
  14. Don’t waste my time
  15. Roadhouse blues / Drum solo
  16. Medley: The wanderer – Marguerita time – Living on an island – A mess of blues – Break the rules –  Something ’bout you baby I like
  17. Restless
  18. Anniversary waltz

*Have almost no recollection of the openers. I really liked SQ here even though I would not go see them today (having seen them waaaaay to many times). In the army now was especially nice, and the song Restless was dedicated to a girl in the audience with whom the band had appeared on a swedish TV-program, something like “make my dream come true”. Pretty cool.

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