Bruce Dickinson, Skin

Köpenhamn, DK


  1. Cyclops
  2. 1000 points of light
  3. Born in ’58
  4. Gods of war
  5. Change of heart
  6. Laughing in the hiding bush
  7. Hell no
  8. Tears of the dragon
  9. Shoot all the clowns
  10. Sacred cowboys
  11. Fire
  12. Son of a gun
  13. Tattooed millionaire

*Don’t recall much about the openers other than that they were very nice guys. Bruce was very good, the setlist is nice (I love the Balls-album!) but some dickhead threw things at Bruce during the gig, prompting him to respond by throwing a full 2-litre waterbootle almost right at me (I was close to the moron who threw things). He then apologised, saying he’s used to ducking for for things like handgrenades and bombs while in the US. I kept the bottle for some years, but ended up giving to a friend.

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