Aerosmith, Mr. Big

Malmö, SWE


Mr. Big:

  1. Colorado bulldog
  2. Price you gotta pay
  3. Green tinted sixties mind
  4. What’s it gonna be
  5. Wild world
  6. The whole world is gonna know
  7. Daddy, brother, lover, little boy (The electric drill song)
  8. To be with you
  9. Addicted to that rush



  1. Eat the rich
  2. Toys in the attic
  3. Rag doll
  4. Fever
  5. Draw the line
  6. What it takes
  7. Last child
  8. The other side
  9. Cryin’
  10. Shut up & dance
  11. Stop messin’ round (Joe Perry)
  12. Get a grip
  13. Janie’s got a gun
  14. Sweet emotion
  15. Love in an elevator
  16. Dude (looks like a lady)
  17. Dream on
  18. Livin’ on the edge
  19. Walk this way


*Mr. Big were absolutely stunning, one of the best openers I’ve ever seen. Aerosmith were equally good, this was probably the first gig I went to where I stood in the front row (or almost) and it was a really cool experience. Nice setlists from both bands.

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