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Falsterbo, SWE


  1. Lover (according to review, Cruise together opened in Varberg)
  2. Forgot to make her mine
  3. Under my skin
  4. Rainbow child
  5. Seven sisters road
  6. Make it easy
  7. Baby don’t fade
  8. Stronger than steel
  9. Love don’t work that way
  10. Ritual
  11. Get to you
  12. World has a heart too (not mentioned  in review)
  13. I’m so sorry
  14. Blame it on the moon
  15. Long way to go (extra encore)

*Setlisted compiled from contemporary review, personal memory and bootleg from Varberg 930710. I want to recall Long way to go having been played earlier in the set, perhaps before the encores. Easily the hottest gig I have ever been to. The venue burned down many years ago.

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