KISS, Kings Of The Sun

Köpenhamn, DK


Kings Of The Sun:

  1. Bad love
  2. Get on up
  3. Tom boy
  4. Serpentine
  5. Drop the gun
  6. Black leather
  7. Vicious delirious
  8. Wild cat



  1. Love gun
  2. Fits like a glove
  3. Heaven´s on fire
  4. Cold gin
  5. Black diamond
  6. Bang bang you
  7. No no no
  8. Firehouse
  9. Crazy, crazy nights
  10. I was made for loving you
  11. Deuce
  12. Reason to live
  13. Tears are falling
  14. I love it loud
  15. Strutter
  16. Shout it out loud
  17. Lick it up
  18. Rock and roll all nite
  19. Detroit rock city

*My first Kissgig! This was the last gig on the tour where Paul introduced the gig, when they played in Göteborg the day after they returned to using the usual “You wanted the best…”-intro. The pics below were taken by me but could not be developed in 1988 (to little information on the negatives!?!). It would take until 2004 before I finally saw my shots from the gig. Nothing like waiting huh? I took 5 pics with my moms instamatic-camera, and today in november 2014 I did a new scan of the negatives and chose to post all 5, warts and all. I cherish this gig with all my heart, it was the only time I got to see Eric Carr and it’s the only time I’ve seen the version of KISS I personally love the most. Crazy Nights is one of my alltime fav albums, and Reason to live is one of Paul’s best songs ever.

2014-11-13_3 2014-11-13_2 2014-11-13_0 2014-11-13_1 2014-11-13_4


I found this beautiful last pic on the net – if anyone knows the photographer please contact me since I would love to see more shots from this gig.


Lineup: Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Gene Simmons, Eric Carr



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